Welcome to Sela Designs wholesale information page! We are committed to providing high-quality jewelry that is not only beautiful but also ethically sourced and produced. We use all of our profit to care for orphans, stop human trafficking, and break the cycles of poverty through job creation. 

If you're interested in purchasing wholesale jewelry to sell in your boutique or retail store, you've come to the right place. Read on to find out how to buy wholesale jewelry and make a positive impact with your business.

About Our Ethical Jewelry: Our jewelry is crafted with care and attention to detail, using 14k gold filled, sterling silver, and gold plated material that meets strict ethical standards. We prioritize responsible sourcing and support fair labor practices to ensure that every piece is made with respect for the artisans. Sela Designs products are made in our WI based studio as well as by fairly paid artisans in Kenya & Southeast Asia.

Why Choose Us for Wholesale: When you buy wholesale jewelry from us, you're not just getting stunning pieces for your boutique; you're also joining a movement that promotes caring for orphans, ending human trafficking and ethical job creation. Our jewelry is designed to appeal to conscious consumers who appreciate both style and social responsibility.

Where Can I Buy Wholesale Jewelry to Sell: We are proud to offer our ethical jewelry for wholesale purchase on Faire. Join us in making a difference by incorporating our pieces into your boutique's collection.

Boutique Wholesale Jewelry - Partner with Us: We love working with boutique owners who share our vision of a more sustainable and responsible jewelry industry. Let's collaborate and make a positive impact together!

If you're interested in becoming a wholesale partner, but aren't on Faire or have any questions, please reach out to hello@seladesigns.com

Thank you for considering our ethical jewelry for your boutique. Together, we can change the world. One piece of jewelry at a time.